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Protection against latex allergy and irritant


latex allergyA variety of agents, including some hand protection products, can contribute to contact dermatitis among workers. Contact dermatitis is a major problem for employees in many industries. Dermatitis is most often seen among workers involved in activities such as construction, healthcare and cleaning.

A common factor for these activities is the need for hand protection, primarily in the form of rubber gloves.

When contact dermatitis occurs, the first instinct is to blame it on the gloves.

More often than not, however, the reason for the allergic reaction is not contact with one agent but a combination of rubber and another source.

Berkshire Life to pay $191,358 in latex allergy suit

latex allergy PITTSFIELD — A federal jury has ordered Berkshire Life to pay the claims of a Connecticut woman who was forced to leave her job as a dental hygienist because of a latex allergy.

A jury in U.S. District Court in Springfield ordered Pittsfield-based Berkshire Life and its parent company, Guardian Life Insurance Co. of American, to pay $191,358 to Carolyn Mirek, of South Windsor, Conn.

Mirek filed the suit after Berkshire Life denied her disability claim. According to Mirek's attorney, Joanne D'Alcomo of the Boston firm Jager Smith, Mirek had worked for more than 18 years as a dental hygienist but stopped on the advice of her allergist.