Scandal over lethal drug sold as allergy remedy


corhydronPoland’s Health Minister Zbigniew Religa put himself at the disposal of the Prime Minister after a scandal with wrongly labelled allergy injections.

Instead of hydrocortisone, sold under the name of “corhydron” and generally available from prescription pharmacists, ampoules manufactured in Jelenia Góra were released containing a drug used in surgery to relax muscles. Wrongly used, the drug can be lethal. The labelling mistake was first discovered a month ago, when two women collapsed after being treated with the medicine, although other reports say that the first incident with the drug was recorded as early as in June.

A Polish daily wrote about the scandal, as the manufacturer and the Health Ministry failed to inform of the danger.

The Polish Health ministry has now appealed to everyone who suffers from allergies or asthma to check if they have “corhydron” ampoules in their possession and to return them to pharmacies.

Yesterday, the Chief Pharmaceuticals Inspector handed in his resignation. The Polish Premier’s office said however that the Health Minister would remain in his post. Today, Premier Jarosław Kaczyński and Minister Zbigniew Religa visited the pharmaceutical company in Jelenia Góra which switched the drugs.

source - Radio Polonia