Pipeline Insight: Asthma/COPD - Targeted therapies on the horizon


asthma and copdThe total asthma and COPD population in 2006 is estimated to be 44.8 million and 28.8 million respectively. While the majority of patients are well controlled with current therapies, the remaining unmet needs are twofold: first, to find better options for the 1.7 million patients with severe asthma; second, to identify effective anti-inflammatory drugs in COPD.


  • Discussion and quantification of the patient potential and segmentation in both Asthma and COPD
  • Detailed overview and assessment of drugs in mid-to late stage clinical development, highlighting recent clinical trial results
  • Assessment of the remaining unmet clinical needs in both asthma and COPD, analyzing the potential of new targeted therapies
  • Ten year indication-based sales forecast to 2015 for major Phase III to recently launched drugs


Global asthma/COPD sales are forecast to grow to $30 billion by 2015, with ICS/LABA combinations set to retain their leading position by value, followed by anticholinergics. The ICS/LABA class was long dominated by GlaxoSmithKline's Advair/Seretide but will see dramatically increased competition in the future with several new product launches.

Despite many years and billions of dollars spent on finding drugs that slow or reverse disease progression in COPD, progress remains elusive. Several drugs that were initially hailed as breakthroughs have failed to live up to their initial promise, but conservative drug regulators and badly chosen clinical endpoints may have to share the blame.

Targeted therapies offer new hope for severe asthma sufferers. Despite several setbacks over the past years, the research pipeline remains full. Although it is still difficult to predict which approach may work for whom, Amgen/Wyeth's anti-TNF alpha therapy Enbrel is thought to be the next biological drug to be launched in asthma.

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