Inflazyme completes recruitment in asthma trial


inflazymeInflazyme Pharmaceuticals has successfully completed patient recruitment in its phase IIb trial with IPL512,602 for the treatment of moderate to severe asthma.

The phase IIb trial will evaluate the efficacy and safety of once daily, oral dosing of IPL512,602 against placebo. Enrolled in the study are those patients with moderate to severe asthma who still experience significant symptoms which are not well controlled despite taking prescribed medications. IPL512,602 represents a new therapeutic approach that focuses on improving asthma control and reducing asthma symptoms.

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effects of IPL512,602 on several measures of asthma control including asthma quality of life. Additional measures of asthma control include the incidence of night-time awakenings, need for rescue medication and asthma symptoms.

Inflazyme said that in a phase IIa study of IPL512,602 the patients who were most affected by their asthma going into the study appeared to derive the most benefit.

source - Pharmaceutical Business Review