Home Remedies and Prevention for Cold, Flu and Allergy


flu cold and allergyI am posting just an extract from Cold, Flu, and Allergy Guide which is related to home remedies for cold, flu and allergy:

Get Extra Bed Rest

Pluses: You'll recuperate faster and protect others from your germs.

Your schedule will have to change and you may miss a day or two of work.

Drink Extra Water

Uses: Keeps mucus membranes moist and can help control cough. Juices are OK, too, but skip drinks with caffeine.

Pluses: Cheap and easy.

Minuses: You'll spend more time in the bathroom.

Wash Hands Often

Pluses: One of easiest and most effective ways to avoid catching a cold.

Minuses: Dry hands in winter. Use hand lotion to compensate.

Cool Compresses

Uses: Can help reduce a fever or increase comfort.

Pluses: Provides fast relief.

Minuses: None

Warm Salt-Water Gargle

Uses: Soothes a sore throat.

Pluses: It's a natural treatment that's inexpensive. Provides instant relief.

Minuses: Let's just say they wouldn't make a candy bar that tastes like this.

Throat Lozenges

Pluses: Soothing action provides temporary relief of throat pain and they may reduce your impulse to cough. They're also cheap and can be used almost anywhere.

Minuses: You may not like the taste or even smell they can give off.

Steam Inhalation

Uses: A vaporizer or humidifier increases the moisture in the air to sooth dry, irritated nasal passages.

Pluses: Can increase your comfort by soothing a dry nose or throat.

Minuses: You'll need to invest in a humidifer. They're available at most discount and drug stores.

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