Doctor Talks About Effect Of Soy Oil On Allergy Sufferers


soy allergyDES MOINES, Iowa -- KFC announced Monday it will start cooking with zero trans-fat soybean oil next spring.The changeover is good news for most consumers, but how will it affect people with soybean allergies?"It's a more common one. It's not as common as milk or peanut (allergies)," said allergist Dr. James Wille.

Wille said a relatively small percentage of us are significantly allergic to soy and he can understand why those people don't like the KFC cooking oil switch."I would be a little concerned that this is a new product and I would certainly go cautiously or at least talk with your doctor," Wille said.

Symptoms tend to depend on the severity of a person's allergy."If it's an immediate-type reaction, you'll notice an itching or a redness of the skin right away. Some people get dramatic hive, which are raised, itchy lesions all over their body.

Some will even have trouble swallowing right away," he said.Doctors said to avoid exposure, learn the names of all ingredients containing soy, check food labels for them and then check food labels when buying products because manufacturers change their recipes every now and then.

Wille said the good news is that people tend be allergic to the soy protein, not the oil."I don't think there is going to be enough ever in soy oil to ever make a problem with people that are actually allergic," he said.

Those who suspect they have a soy allergy can go to their doctors and find out with a simple blood test.