Cosmetic Manufacturers Obliged To List Ingredients


cosmeticsCosmetic manufactures are required to list the ingredients of the products they are marketing, according to Canada's legislation.

"It's going to be phased in over the next two years to allow cosmetics companies to use up current stock while designing new labels for the ingredients. It's going to allow the Canadian public to make more informed choices and avoid cosmetics containing ingredients which they may be sensitive to," announced a spokesperson for Health Canada.

"In addition, physicians will be able to refer to an ingredient by its one name for the purpose of treatment or incident reporting. Now absolutely everything that's in the product is going to have to be written on the label," the spokesperson explained.

Listing ingredients on the product's label will be done according to the International Nomenclature of Cosmetics Ingredients system, which is already adopted by European states and the United States.

Authorities explained that this measure is needed, as it protects against allergies to certain compounds contained by the beauty products.

"With regards to makeup, the main thing we see is one of two things, which is either irritancy issues or allergic contact dermatitis related to make-ups," stated Dr. Jason Rivers, an expert in dermatology.

source - Spotlighting News