Broadsystem Supports Asthma UK For Second DRTV Attack Card Awarenes Drive


Following the success of the highly successful direct response television campaign earlier this year, Asthma UK; the only charity dedicated to improving the health and well-being of people with asthma, has appointed multi-channel communication specialist, Broadsystem for its second Asthma Attack Card awareness campaign.

This is the second peak-time terrestrial TV campaign Asthma UK has undertaken in order to highlight the number of asthma-related deaths in the UK and encourage children, parents and teachers to carry an Asthma Attack Card. The card provides basic information on how to recognise an asthma attack and what steps to take if someone has one. People with asthma can indicate on the card what their commonest signs of an attack are, and add important contact details.

Broadsystem will be deploying a blend of advisor and IVR call handling technologies and methodologies to handle efficiently and cost-effectively the spikes in volume generated by the TV advertising, meet Asthma UK's public education and donation solicitation objectives, and deliver a quality service experience to its prospective supporters.

Comments Dean Stinton, Direct Marketing Manager, Asthma UK “We hope to generate somewhere in the region of over 16 thousand requests for cards as a result of the campaign and therefore needed to appoint a company that we felt could handle high demand. We were incredibly impressed by Broadsystem’s service implementation and management of our first DRTV project and based on this they were the obvious choice for this second initiative. We are confident that the results for this awareness drive will be equally as successful. ”

Adds Caroline Worboys, Chief Executive, Broadsystem “Asthma kills 1 person every 7 hours, yet 90% of these lives could be saved if there was greater awareness. A recent Asthma UK survey revealed that although 93% of people know asthma can be fatal, yet only 50% know what to do if someone has an asthma attack. The first campaign was a huge success and I am glad Asthma UK has looked to Broadsystem again to support the second one. I am confident that as a result of the campaign more people will have Asthma Attack Cards and be aware of how serious attacks can be.”